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Kids Comics Unite is a community of children's graphic novelists and other industry professionals. We share tips, stories, and ideas and help each other make progress in our careers. 

Kids Comics Unite was founded by Janna Morishima, a literary agent and longtime kids comics publishing pro.

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Are you looking for ways to build your career faster?

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Access to a dedicated online community where you can get ideas, ask questions, and network with other experienced kids graphic novel professionals

Live virtual events–like interviews with industry insiders and office hour chats–so you can learn and grow with other creators

Information about targeted resources in the children's graphic novel field, like tools, courses, conferences, and more

Priority access to intensive programs, live events, and other exclusive opportunities

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Established children's graphic novel creators

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Children's graphic novel editors, art directors, and marketers

Children's graphic novel supporters like reviewers and librarians

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